Interactive Wall + NEWSFEED Installation – 2015

Sage Summit 2015 brought together nearly 7,500 business leaders and sessions that spanned the global economy to how to grow your business.“Sage Listens.” A digital wall projected social participation from attendees, with helpful notes about the user experience within Sage products.


My Role: Art Direction, Design and Animation.

Sage Listens.


The power of conversation drove the design of the 2015 Sage Summit experience, with spaces for exploring, education and deep learning. Creating opportunities to learn about business success strategies from thought leaders, learn from peers, and get deep-dive training on Sage products. Along the way, attendees were encouraged to participate in an interactive social experience, “Sage Listens.” A large scale installation that provided customers with an interactive preview of new product features, delivered immediate feedback to product management teams, and presented valuable information and live content to attendees.

Wall + Kiosk Set Up.


The mechanism for doing this is a simple touch interface on kiosks. These 3 kiosk are set up in front of a large digital wall, where attendees provide their feedback and comments. The wall components react to the interactions and the level of activity being recorded. Sage gets instant feedback from customers and prospects. And generates social participation from attendees, with helpful notes about the user experience within Sage products.

Kiosk Interactions

Each kiosk includes an introductory screen with a clear call to action that links back to the front wall.

Introduction Screen

Before starting, the attendee has the option of providing basic information on role and company size. This data then is displayed on the wall as visualization to show activity and participation from the audience.


The attendee is asked to start by selecting a topic. Each product story has a set of sub chapters that showcase sage products through the use of smart technology.

Comment, rate and like

Attendees have the option to add their own comments on a per-feature basis. They can also see comments others have added, and like comments

Intro and closing screens

Each product story has an introductory screen. Once the attendee has completed a section, The attendee can also add any final comments and sign up to be considered for future research