Interactive Floor Game – 2014

Each year, Cisco pushes the innovation engine further. This time, the efforts were focused on making relevant connections between attendees more comfortable. The solution, an attendee-centric interactive projection game.


My Role: Art Direction, Design and Animation.


The Concept

Using PONG as inspiration, attendees are invited to scan their event badge and enter the arena (a 25 foot in diameter constructed floor with retroreflective surface). Teams are connected base on an algorithm that will match both attendees with similar interests. Once all teams are introduced and in their respective zones, the connect challenge begins. The players must work and move together in order to defend their respective zone.

Idle state with 8 players /4 teams detected in the arena

Teams in their zones ready to play

Connections and zones are drawn base on players id badges

Game paddles are displayed

Emoticons added a touch of fun and guided players during the game experience.

A Final Match

Behind the Game

credits: JUXT (Creative Agency)


Game Fence Design Concepts and Team Zone Game Areas

Team A



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